Monday, January 8, 2007

Sans Consolas

I’m concerned about the new security setup in Vista. Now that Vista allows developers to develop without being an administrator on a workstation, I fear the IT/Networking/Security Departments!

Why do I fear them? Because they resist change. Each time I request to have a new anything (font, VS Add-In, or tool) installed on my workstation I have to:

·         Submit a request to my team leader/manager/supervisor

·         After approval, forward the request to the IT Department for review/approval

·         Wait…

·         Respond to questions about the request

·         Wait…

·         Defend the request after it is refused

·         Re-submit the request to the next level of management (Once I had to request approval from the CIO! By the way, CIOs don’t like to be involved in what tools are installed on developer workstations.)

·         Wait…

·         This is typically when a meeting is called between someone in IT, myself, and a mid to upper level manager

·         Finally, get approval to download and install the software

I can understand if I had to go through this process the first couple times I made a request for new software, but I’ve done this a half dozen times and there still isn’t a level of trust between the IT department and myself or the development team.

Today I requested to have the Consolas font installed, we’ll see what happens…

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